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The Company

Launched in 2011 in Malaysia.
We are the Founders and architects of modern Word of Mouth Marketing.

With the purpose of designing a system for business owners to be effective and successful in marketing and selling their products every single time.

Now we are preparing to go online with training modules in

Word of Mouth Marketing .

The Founder

The founder of Rootwommers is Camelia Tan Sri Yaacob. 
She designed this unique marketing system because as a seasoned  entrepreneur she understands the challenges and competitions of marketing and selling products. 

She is dedicated to training, coaching and mentoring many business owners to be sales progressive using Word of Mouth Marketing.

She is also the co-founder of an Internet radio called: Xchanger.FM. The radio is all about marketing and business collaboration and 

will be launching soon.

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Lily, Education

Two days one night well spent at the Team Directors Training & Teambuilding at Nur Laman Bestari Eco Resort. 

We unlearn, learn and relearn topics from teamwork, crisis management, stress management and laughter therapy!

Also got the chance to strengthen relationships with everyone who attended.  To be a strong team, education and trust are important.

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Zulhelmi, Zenki Teddies

It was not your typical training to begin with. Here's one thing I learnt on how to manage my  business:

 Market Approach requires you to put yourself in your target customer shoes. Let Empathy be your compass. Only then, you can deliver Customer experience with the right CVP.


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Faizal Hassan, Eco Resort

Thank you for the insights sharing during CMO Coffee Talks at Rootwommers Centre.

Thank you too to all Zenki members that always support each other. With "Growth mindset", we grow ourselves and business together.

©2019 by Rootwommers

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