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Group of business workers standing with

The 'WOMM' Philosophy

"It's not about YOU or ME,

It's about OTHERS!

Helping others to succeed FIRST


will also put us on the road to ultimate success! 

Modern Word of Mouth Marketing

Modern word of mouth marketing is a step towards bringing networks of business communities together. We are independent in business but interdependent on each other as is proven in Modern Word of Mouth Marketing.


Self Development Marketing Skills

Communication skills are enhanced and builds self-confidence. Presentation skills are much needed and the message is powerful during interactions when connecting with costumers and when networking. 


Understand Customer-Centric Skills

Exploring and giving consideration to customers requirements first supersedes all other activities in Word of Mouth Marketing. This skill is core to building long-relationships and repeat business. 


Identifying Quality Referrals

Business will thrive as referrals grow. The ability to ask and deliver referrals creates reciprocation among local and global business networks. 

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Juliana, Eco Architect

My gratimonial goes out to Mdm Cam and the Rootwommers platform, especially to Mdm JQ who always has my back. Thank you for the encouragement and believing in me. 

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Jonas, Health Habits Coach

Thank you Mdm Cam for sharing your vast insights and experience which you expertly broke down into bite sized nuggets, and getting to the essence and heart of what really matters in business, networking, and how to be a decent human being.

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Hezri, Nexasoft

Here I just experienced how Networking & WOMMing is done right. I am truly inspired by the spirit of 'giving' by Madam Lily and Rootwommers in general. It is true that an act of kindness have the contagious effect, and I will strive to do the same as well, insyaAllah. Wish me luck~!

©2019 by Rootwommers

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